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African American Mothers Meet in Johnson County

Dec 20, 2010

Kansas City, MO – Across the country, African American women tend to be more likely to be working mothers than white women, especially educated African American mothers.

Census data from 2005 shows that 84 percent of college-educated black mothers are in the labor force, compared to 74 percent of college-educated white mothers. And the women of color who choose to stay at home and raise families can face special barriers and isolation.

Enter Mocha Moms, a national organization that started in 1997 to provide support and advocacy for these mothers. Locally, some Johnson County women started a chapter in 2003.

What started as a small group of women, actually transplants from other states, meeting at a Burger King on West 151st street has blossomed into a group of some 30 moms, from different parts of the metro.

KCUR's Susan Wilson caught up with the JoCo Mocha Moms group during one of their Moms' Night Out events.

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