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Advocates Deliver Letters Supporting Medicaid Expansion

Feb 1, 2013

A group of advocates for Medicaid expansion delivered 1,500 letters to the head of one of the House subcommittees working on Missouri’s budget for next year. 

John Bennett is a retired Disciples of Christ minister from Jefferson City.  He gave the letters to Republican Sue Allen, who chairs the House Appropriations Committee on Health, Mental Health, and Social Services. 

Allen says she appreciates their efforts.

“We are looking, we’re studying, we’re researching what other states are doing.  There’s a lot of information, there are a lot of aspects that need to be considered,” Allen says.

Allen says, though, she’s still opposed to Governor Jay Nixon’s call to expand Medicaid to 259,000 Missourians next year and to 41,000 more in the coming years. 

After delivering the letters to Allen, Bennett told reporters that Medicaid expansion is a moral imperative.