Advance Voting Shortens Lines In Johnson County | KCUR

Advance Voting Shortens Lines In Johnson County

Nov 4, 2008

Johnson County, Kansas – So far in Johnson County things are running smoothly. KCUR's Laura Ziegler reports.

Laura Ziegler: "I've been out and about here in Johnson County. There was a rush at polling places at 6 am when the polls opened. Voters waited in line through 7 am. Now those lines are leveling off. Some polling places have more lines than others. There are 284 polling places in Johnson County. Brian Newby, the Johnson County election commissioner, says the advance military and overseas ballots, almost 150,000 of them, helped a lot keeping those lines short. Newby also says returned ballots, 135,000 of them, are coming in to the election board...He says they don't expect any polling problems in Johnson County."