90-Mile View: The Signs of Spring In Warsaw, Missouri

Mar 14, 2014

Spoonbill fish inhabit the Osage River in Missouri.
Credit RGB / Flickr-CC

It's been a quiet winter in Warsaw, Mo., where the Osage River empties into Truman Lake.  The bitter cold had even the hardiest inhabitants staying indoors.  Now this little town on the lake is showing the unmistakable signs that the "season" is about to begin.

In this installment of 90-Mile View, newspaper publisher James White tells Steve Kraske what stories The Benton County Enterprise has been covering.  Then White describes one of the sure signs of Spring, the start of the spoonbill fishing season and an accompanying aroma.


James Mahlon White is the publisher of The Benton County Enterprise, the Warsaw weekly paper started by his family in 1879.