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1910 Gardens, New Kansas Legislative Maps, Governor Brownback Profile

Jun 11, 2012

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Kansas Redistricting Maps Spark Huge Political Shake-Up

Three federal judges blew up the political landscape in Kansas Thursday night when they unveiled new district maps. The political districts decided by the court are described by the State Attorney General as “the most disruptive” ever.

The Motivation Behind Governor Sam Brownback

Kansas Republican Governor Sam Brownback has been very active in his first term, pushing his conservative philosophy that included one of the most dramatic tax cuts in Kansas history. But what do his critics and supporters alike say about his internal motivation?

Coming To A Missouri Ballot Next Fall: Another Health Care Referendum

This fall, Missourians will face a ballot issue that has to do with federal health law. The measure follows months of political tension over a key component. 

The Restoration Of Kansas City Museum's Gardens

The Kansas City Museum is in the process of restoring the Corinthian Hall, which includes the surrounding Georgian garden plantings. The hall was built in 1910, and to ensure the plants and methods were historically accurate, the museum enlisted some help from the Westport Garden Club.

EPA Relocates To Lenexa

The Environmental Protection Agencies’ Regional Headquarter Offices will be relocating  from downtown Kansas City, KS to Lenexa, KS. The news of the move has caused quite a stir, as owners of the old property were shocked that the EPA was leaving their custom-built, giant glass arched building. KCK residents and employees speak out on how they feel about losing the EPA as a neighbor.

Black Archives New Opening

The Black Archives of Mid-America opens in its new home in the 18th and Vine District on June 16, 2012. The collection fell on hard times after the death of collector Horace Peterson in 1992. But with the help from the city and public library, the Black Archives will now have both exhibit and archive space. Executive Director Doretha Williams talked in January about her plans for programming at the Black Archives.