Sylvia Maria Gross

Storytelling Editor

Sylvia Maria Gross manages creative projects at KCUR, including overseeing Central Standard, KCUR's daily talk/magazine show and the podcast Midwesternish. Her stories have aired nationally on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Marketplace, The World and Studio 360. Gross grew up in New York City, Brazil and the suburbs of Washington, DC. She came to public radio after a long stint as a middle school teacher, and has continued to spend her career trying to capture the attention of wandering minds.

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Kansas City Latin American Film Festival

Kansas City, MO – UMKC professor Louis Imperiale talks about the Argentine film Wild Horses. Imperiale will be presenting the 1995 film at the Latin American Cinema Festival of Kansas City, which begins this month at the Rio Theater in Overland Park. Films from Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Peru will be presented every Saturday until October 1.

Intro to Financial Planning

Kansas City, MO – Host Delores Jones talk to David Jackson, a Certified Financial Planner with Waddell & Reed and a columnist with The Kansas City Call. Jackson defined financial independence in the first of a series on KC Currents.

Kansas City, MO – A little over a week ago, city officials approved the final design for the 250 million dollar Sprint Center - the mayor says it looks like a crystal bowl. Construction begins soon on the city-financed site . . . but some black and Latino contractors and construction workers are concerned that they won't be included on the site.

Harmony-NCCJ Unite

Maria Hinojosa, Mary Sanchez on Latino news coverage

Kansas City, MO – Latino USA's Maria Hinojosa was in town last week to speak at the Midwest Latina Conference. Hinojosa recently left CNN to become a senior correspondent on PBS's NOW, with David Brancaccio. A few days ago, she joined the Kansas City Star's Mary Sanchez and KCUR's Sylvia Maria Gross for a conversation about Latinas in the media.