Suzanne Hogan


Suzanne Hogan graduated from the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico, with degrees in Political Science and Documentary Studies. Her interests include Latin American politics, immigration and storytelling in a variety of mediums including photography, film/video and writing. 

After college, Suzanne moved back to her hometown, Kansas City and was the Producer for The Walt Bodine Show for about two years. Now she serves as a part-time announcer, producer, and contributing reporter, filling in around the station wherever she can. Suzanne is also a founding member of the 816 Bicycle Collective, a recycle a bicycle program in Kansas City.

In her spare time, Suzanne  plays bass in a punk rock band, enjoys spontaneous traveling, and riding her bicycle all around town.


Beyond Our Borders
5:30 am
Wed May 14, 2014

After Recession, Blue Hills Neighborhood Works To Change Its Reputation

Helen Bryant of Bryant Real Estate likes to call herself an 'affordable housing real estate agent.' She's been working in Blue Hills and the urban core since she started her business 20 years ago.
Suzanne Hogan KCUR

Kansas City has a reputation for being one of the most affordable cities in the country to buy a home, and as the metro emerges from the recession, some of the most affordable neighborhoods are trying to draw in buyers.

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Central Standard
3:23 pm
Wed April 23, 2014

Shopping Mall Closures And What They Mean For Our Cityscape

Bannister Mall, pictured here, was legendary in the rise and fall of the local shopping mall.
Credit Mike Calasnic / Creative Commons, Flickr

Shopping malls across the city and across the nation are closing their doors or re-imagining their futures. With the recent closure of Metro North and a meeting called to gather community input on redevelopment possibilities for Metcalf South, Central Standard convened local experts to look back on the significance of the shopping mall, in our city and in our lives. 

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8:33 am
Mon April 21, 2014

Snowy Winter Not Causing Flood Concerns On Missouri River

The Missouri River in Montana.
Credit montanatom1950 on Flickr

A long winter of brutally cold temperatures and seemingly endless snowfall led to a deep snowpack in the mountains at the headwaters of the Missouri River. But that doesn’t necessarily mean a higher risk of flooding this spring. 

2011 brought major flooding to many areas along the Missouri River. This year, the snow pack is comparable to those levels. But Kevin Low of the National Weather Service says even though the snow is starting to melt, there are a few differences this year.

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Central Standard
12:35 pm
Thu April 17, 2014

Precariousness For Pollinators: Monarch Butterflies & Honeybees In Decline

Insect ecologist Chip Taylor gets up close and personal with monarch butterflies.
Credit Catherine L. Sherman and Monarch Watch

Insect ecologist Chip Taylor is a friend to both the monarch butterfly and the honeybee. He's been tracking monarchs and restoring their habitats since 1992. And he's worked with bees in French Guiana, Venezuela and Mexico.

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10:27 am
Wed April 9, 2014

Genetic Mapping Gives Endangered Missouri River Pallid A Boost

A pallid sturgeon caught during a broodstock collection on the Missouri River, about 20 miles away from Liberty, Mo.
Suzanne Hogan KCUR

The Missouri River has turned into a harsh home for the pallid sturgeon — commonly known as the "Missouri River dinosaur."

The white flat-nosed fish has been on the planet for more than 70 million years, and it’s been on the federal endangered species list since 1990. But genetic research and stocking efforts are helping these ancient bottom feeder species.

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Olympic Dreams
6:00 am
Fri February 14, 2014

Olympic Hopeful Pursues Her Blobsled Dream In Lenexa, Kansas

Anna Nostrant preparing for a bobsled run.
Courtesy of Coach Joseph Potts

Kansas may be an unlikely place to find a bobsledder in training, but 23-year-old Anna Norsant says this is where she belongs.

Norsant is committed to the high-speed Olympic sport, which begins with two or four athletes pushing a snow-car-type sled at a sprinting speed, jumping in, and then descending down an ice covered run.

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Olympic Dreams
7:51 am
Tue February 11, 2014

Olympic Dreams In Kansas City: Bobsled, Luge And Skeleton

Competitors get a sprinting start before jumping into the bobsled and descending down the run.
Credit Flickr kylemac

  Bobsled, Skeleton, and Luge are winter Olympic sports that involve zipping down an ice covered track on a type of sleigh as fast as you can. (We’re talking like 90 mph.)

All three sports use the same type of track, or “run,” but the sleds are different enough to categorize them each into their own sport.  

So what’s the difference?

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6:00 am
Thu February 6, 2014

Pinball Is Bumping Back In Kansas And Missouri

Suzanne Hogan KCUR

Remember pinball, the coin operated game that flips a silver ball to score points?

During the 1990s in Kansas City, you could easily find pinball machines in arcades, bars and restaurants. But now, pinball machines are harder to find, and they are often out of order. But, the game of pinball is making a comeback with the help of some local competitors. 

Some of who will go on to represent Kansas and Missouri in the national championships, after winners are selected at the state championships this weekend.

Pinball's second generation

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KC Currents
7:13 pm
Thu January 16, 2014

Kansas City Dialect, Labeling Sustainable Foods, Quindaro Quilts

A quilt by Nedra Bonds at UMKC Miller Nichols Library.
Credit Laura Spencer / KCUR

What Does The Kansas City Dialect Sound Like?

There is a general myth that Midwesterners, or even Kansas Citians specifically, speak without an accent. But that is not the case. Linguistic distinctions in Midland speech exist, and have been changing, perhaps without us even noticing, over the past 50 years.

TALK: Understanding Regional Accents

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8:03 pm
Wed January 15, 2014

What Does The Kansas City Dialect Sound Like?

This illustration of popular terms for soda beverages shows a vast difference right inside the state of Missouri.
Credit Joshua Katz / NC State University

There is a general myth that Midwesterners, or even Kansas Citians specifically, speak without an accent. But that is not the case. Linguistic distinctions in Midland speech exist, and have been changing, perhaps without us even noticing, over the past 50 years.

Kansas City is in the Midland speech region. It spans from Ohio through Indiana, Illinois and Missouri, then parts of Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska. It excludes the St. Louis corridor.

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3:34 pm
Wed January 15, 2014

Do You Have An Accent? Take The Minimal Pairs Test

This is a minimal pairs test used by Christopher Strelluf, a graduate student at the University of Missouri, who is studying how people in Kansas City talk.

This is a list of words that have one phonological difference. Some of the pairs are controls, as in they're pronounced the same.

Read the list aloud to see where you make distinctly different pronunciations, and where you might be merged. You might be surprised to find that some of words that you think you say very differently don't come out so distinctly after all.

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KC Currents
8:19 am
Fri January 10, 2014

Undocumented Youth, Concealed Carry, Alvin Sykes

Edher Palafox was co-captain of his football team at Shawnee Mission South High School in Overland Park, Kan.
Credit Courtesy / Palafox family
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KC Currents
5:06 pm
Thu January 2, 2014

KC Food Hubs, Missouri Executions, Mariachi Pioneer Dies

Credit Courtesy of Mariachi Estrella

Food Hubs Try To Grow Local Farms

Restaurants across the country have jumped on the local food bandwagon. They’re trying to source more of their produce from nearby farms, but it's not easy. As a potential solution, “food hubs” are popping up across the country. These food processing and distribution centers make it easier for restaurants, grocery stores and others to buy local food.

A Look At The Food Hub Trend In Kansas City

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KC Currents
11:31 am
Thu December 26, 2013

Looking Back At Some Significant Kansas City Stories Of 2013

A plume of smoke rose above the Country Club Plaza after the explosion at JJ's Restaurant.
Credit Frank Morris / KCUR

KCUR's Top Stories Of 2013

KCUR’s afternoon newsman Steve Bell gives us a preview of his 2013 Year in Review, in which he goes over the most significant local stories of 2013: from the gas explosion on the Country Club Plaza to the unexpected prowess of KC’s sports teams.

National Attention Turns To Maryville

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KC Currents
11:01 pm
Thu October 17, 2013

Raising Bilingual Kids, Maryville Rape Case, Mike Stover

A kindergarten teacher at the Kansas City Chinese School points to characters on the white board.
Credit Beth Lipoff / KCUR
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9:55 am
Thu October 17, 2013

The Many Talents Of Kansas City Musician Mike Stover

Credit Todd Zimmer

There is something that strings all these different local bands together… Mr. Marco’s V7, The Grisly Hand, Ernest James Zydeco, Dead Voices. Or rather, someone.

Musician Mike Stover plays in all of these bands and more. Normally when you hear a story about a band you hear from the lead singer or songwriter, the person at the front of the stage. Mike Stover is normally in the back or off to the side, sometimes sitting down, he doesn’t sing, just sticks to the strings.

On the night of The Crossroads Music Festival last month, musician Mike Stover was one especially busy guy.

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Central Standard
5:33 pm
Mon October 14, 2013

Nature In The City: Autumn Is Here

Credit changr / Flickr - CC

It's starting to actually feel like fall. Daylight is slipping away sooner, mornings are brisk and nights are chilly. As the temperature starts to cool, leaves start to slowly change to those beautiful warm colors of yellow, orange and red and will soon fall to the ground. Critters scamper about preparing for who knows what kind of winter. From bird migrations, strange insects, frog populations and more, autumn is certainly making her place in Kansas City. 

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KC Currents
11:22 pm
Thu October 10, 2013

KCPS Accreditation, Medical Apps, Lupe Gonzalez

Kindergartners at James Elementary use laptops in the classroom.
Credit Sylvia Maria Gross / KCUR

How One Kansas City Public School Is Improving Scores And Making Change

Visit James Elementary School, in Kansas City's historic Northeast neighborhood, which has seen substantial improvement in student test scores. So much so that the school recently landed on Missouri’s list of most-improved low-income schools. 

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Central Standard
12:47 pm
Wed October 9, 2013

Can The Chiefs Keep Up Their Hot Streak?

Running Back Jamaal Charles is one of the keys to the Chiefs success this season.
Credit fansided - Google

The Kansas City Chiefs had the worst record in the NFL last year with just two wins and 14 losses. Now, they are sitting pretty with a perfect 5-0 record. But how did we get here and how long can we keep it going?

Joel Thorman, editor of Arrowhead Pride, is just as shocked as everyone else in Kansas City. "The Chiefs have set an NFL record for the best start after winning two or less games from the year before. It's really just shocking."

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Central Standard
11:37 am
Wed October 9, 2013


Credit Leondardrodiguez / Flickr -- Creative Commons

E cigarettes are growing in popularity - a billion dollar industry- a product that is being used all around the world. Yet there is still a lot that we still know about the long term health effects of E cigarettes, which are being advertised in magazines and television, and come in flavors like vanilla, cherry, pina colada and more. As the FDA is still deciding how to regulate e cigarettes, we discuss what we know and don’t know about the product. How effective are e cigarettes in reducing regular cigarette use, are they safe? In this fiery discussion Dr.

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KC Currents
4:48 pm
Thu October 3, 2013

Farm Bill Expires, SNAP Benefits, Pageant in Drag, KC Ballet Debut

Miss Gay Kansas City 2013, Heidi Banks, is crowned on stage at Hamburger Mary's in Kansas City, Mo.
Credit Esther Honig / KCUR
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Central Standard
5:28 pm
Tue October 1, 2013

Dust Bowl Images Bring Life To Those Affected

Vernon Evans (with his family) of Lemmon, South Dakota, near Missoula, Montana on Highway 10. Leaving grasshopper-ridden and drought-stricken area for a new start in Oregon or Washington., 1936
Arthur Rothstein (1915-1985) Spencer Museum of Art

In the 1930's, farmers' extensive deep plowing of top soil in the great plains region displaced the natural grasses that normally kept the soil in place. That, in combination with a mix of drought and high winds led to dust storms creating a decade-long period known as the dust bowl that affected thousands of people. What was once a paradise for those moving west to farm the land became a desert-like environment and was later deserted by many settlers. 

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KC Currents
9:50 am
Fri September 27, 2013

Kansas Voter Registration, Health Marketplaces, Radkey

Isaiah, foreground, and brother, Dee Radke perform at the Rendezvous in St. Joseph, Mo.
Credit Matthew Long-Middleton / KCUR

21,000 Voter Registrations Stalled In Kansas

More than 20,000 people in Kansas have their voter registrations on hold, which means their vote won't count until the situation is resolved. About 80 percent of these stalled registrations happened at driver’s license offices and stem from a new law requiring people to show proof of citizenship when they register to vote. 

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Central Standard
1:09 pm
Tue September 24, 2013

The Growing Populations Of Bed Bugs And Lice

Credit Michael Aulia / Flickr - CC

‘Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.’  It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard a lot, but perhaps holds a different significance to you if you’ve had a bed bug infestation or know someone who has.  Cases of bed bugs have been rising in recent years. But just who or what are these vermin?  They feed on human blood, don’t contract diseases,  and can be hard to talk about. Perhaps more importantly, how do we get rid of them?

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KC Currents
1:18 pm
Thu September 12, 2013

KC Charter Review, Sustainable Neighborhoods, Cheerleading Gym

Sisters Amber Finley and Marie Abed pose in front of this outer space themed Art Squad alleyway mural.
Credit Suzanne Hogan / KCUR

Citizen Group Reviews KC Government Charter

Kansas City is known as a “weak mayor” town. That’s no slight on Mayor Sly James, it’s the way the city charter sets up our government, where the mayor is a glorified city council member, and the city manager really runs the town. Since June, citizens in the Charter Review Commission has been meeting to make recommendations to revise the charter. Two major issues are the role of the mayor and the composition of the city council.  

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KC Currents
9:55 am
Thu September 12, 2013

The Remarkable Transformation Of One Neighborhood In KCK

An Art Squad alleyway mural in St. Peter/Waterway in Kansas City, Kansas.
Suzanne Hogan KCUR

In 2006, an organization called Local Initiatives Support Corporation of Greater Kansas City (LISC) identified six neighborhoods in the Kansas City area to target for improvements: Blue Hills, Douglass-Sumner, Ivanhoe Northwest, Downtown Kansas City, Kan., Scaritt Renaissance and St. Peter/ Waterway.

LISC is a national group that works with local organizations and communities, the Kansas City area initiative was called NeighborhoodsNOW.

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KC Currents
4:53 pm
Thu September 5, 2013

Coming Out In College, Forte Records, Steamboat Arabia

Photo of Marva Whitney used by permission of the University of Missouri-Kansas City Libraries, Dr. Kenneth J. LaBudde Department of Special Collections.
Credit UMKC LaBudde Special Collections
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Central Standard
5:17 pm
Wed August 28, 2013

The Impact Of Latin American Music

Performer sports a traditional Zoot suit.
Credit thisisbossi / Flickr-CC

Coming from dozens of countries, from Mexico and the Caribbean in the north to Brazil and Argentena in South America, Latin American identity encompasses a variety of cultures, backgrounds, stories, traditions, and, of course, music. The diversity can be heard in every measure, as each artist brings not only their own personal style, but also their Latino ancestry to the lyrics, melodies and rhythms of music.

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Central Standard Friday
4:00 am
Fri August 9, 2013

Food Critics: Eating In The Suburbs

This is inside a Liberty, MO McDonald's.
Credit Patrick Hoesly / Flikr - CC

For many years, Kansas City’s primary restaurant spots were downtown and the Country Club Plaza. But times have changed. And over the last 30 years, the destinations for good eating have expanded to include most of the outlying suburban cities – from Prairie Village to Lee’s Summit and Liberty to Martin City. Kansas City diners can hop in the car and travel anywhere in the metro to find unexpected culinary treasures.

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