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Police have now picked up three of the four inmates who escaped from the Ottawa County jail. Convicted double murderer Santos Carrera-Morales was apprehended in Russell late last night.

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A Kansas lottery ticket winner is helping the state's bottom line. The still-anonymous resident won a nearly $160 million jackpot in a lottery drawing last month.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback says his plan to overhaul Medicaid is underway, since a deadline for lawmakers to reject the order has passed.

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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback says a controversy over a processed beef product is being blown out of proportion.

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Updated 4:15 p.m.: House members passed a bill on a voice vote that would overhaul the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System, or KPERS.

A Kansas Senate committee has approved Gov. Sam Brownback's proposal to cut income tax rates.  But the committee chose to preserve four tax credits the governor wanted to eliminate, including a credit for people who invest in Kansas companies. Senator Les Donovan, a Republican from Wichita, chairs the tax committee.

“People think that they are actually worthy to keep because they end up putting more money back into the economy than they cost the state,” says Donovan.

A House committee has approved a congressional map that puts part of Wyandotte County in the 1st District, which covers western Kansas.

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Kansas holds its Republican presidential caucuses tomorrow. Rick Santorum has been the most active candidate in that state. He's trying to stop Mitt Romney's momentum again. Kansas Public Radio's Stephen Koranda has more.

Emergency responders say that is was probably a tornado that ripped through the tiny town of Harveyville, Kansas last night.

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Legislators could soon take action aimed at slowing Governor Sam Brownback's plan to overhaul Medicaid in Kansas.

The Kansas House has endorsed a plan that would require some potential voters to prove their U.S. citizenship before the November election.

Governor Sam Brownback says members of the president's administration continue to support the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, which is slated to be built in Manhattan.

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Kansas Governor Sam Brownback's plan to cut income and business taxes is getting both praise and criticism in Topeka. Supporters and opponents of the plan sounded off today at a pair of Statehouse rallies.

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Kansas Governor Sam Brownback could be called as a witness in an investigation into legislative dinners held at the governor's residence.

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A committee in the Kansas House is considering legislation that would allow the state to write new rules regulating hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking. The process is used in oil and gas drilling.

A Kansas Senate committee has approved a map that reconfigures the state's congressional districts.

A Kansas social services official today defended a policy that has effectively made hundreds of children ineligible for food stamps. The Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services recently changed how household income is calculated for the program.

An audit released recently alleges misdeeds by former Kansas Bioscience Authority head Tom Thornton. The KBA is one of the groups that worked to help Kansas land the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) project.

Kansas Agriculture Secretary Dale Rodman blasted the Kansas Bioscience Authority today, saying the agency's board of directors hasn't fulfilled its duties. Rodman was selected by the governor to work with the company that recently audited the KBA. Rodman criticized the way the agency has been spending money.

A new report says NBAF -- the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility -- could create 1300 jobs during the construction phase alone.

More than 1,000 anti-abortion activists gathered at the Kansas Statehouse today. The annual rally coincides with the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that legalized abortion.

A member of the Kansas House is accused of trying to secretly record a conversation with another legislator.

Senator Vicki Schmidt, a Topeka Republican, was in her office meeting with Representative TerriLois Gregory, a Republican from Baldwin City. The two were discussing Medicaid policy. Schmidt says she noticed the recording device in Gregory’s purse.

Schmidt says she was shocked by the incident.

Members of a Kansas Senate committee today questioned officials on Governor Sam Brownback’s plan to cut costs in the Kansas Medicaid system.

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Governor Sam Brownback’s budget proposal would reinstate some funding for arts programs, but would do away with the Kansas Arts Commission. The Kansas Film Commission and Arts Commission would be combined to become the Kansas Creative Industries Commission.

The governor’s budget would provide $200,000 to the new organization. State Budget Director Steve Anderson says that money would be available for arts programs that create economic development.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has unveiled some of his priorities for this session, like a plan to revamp the school funding formula.

Democrats in the Kansas Legislature have unveiled a school funding plan as an alternative to the one introduced by Governor Sam Brownback.

The Democratic plan would increase school funding with the goal of restoring some of the cuts made in recent years. It would also provide about $45 million to help reduce local property taxes.

Representative Paul Davis of Lawrence is the top Democrat in the House. He says budget cuts to education in recent years have had a significant impact on schools.

Arts advocates are renewing their call for the governor and Legislature to restore state funding to the Kansas Arts Commission.

Topeka, KS – GOP candidate for governor, Kansas Senator Sam Brownback, has continued outlining what he calls his "Road Map for Kansas." He appeared in Emporia to detail how he would handle education.

Brownback is taking on state Senator Tom Holland, of Baldwin City, the Democratic nominee for governor.

Topkea, KS – Advocates for the elderly and disabled lined up today before a legislative committee to spell out how budget cuts have affected state services. The Joint Committee on Home and Community Based Services heard the testimony at the Statehouse.

For six months this year, a 10% cut in the amount paid to Medicaid service providers caused some reductions in services and waiting lists to swell. That's according to Don Jordan, Secretary of the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services.