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KCUR Membership

Member support provides more than half of KCUR's annual income. This means that the quality of the news, entertainment and music programming you routinely enjoy on KCUR is largely dependent on you.

Our fall membership drive has come to a successful end, thanks for your support. We couldn't have done it without you, so we made you this video:

KCUR's Fall Membership Drive kicks off today and we are coming to YOU to ask for your support.

You are the one that powers KCUR. The support we get from you and other members makes up the largest source of revenue for the station. We cannot do it without you, so please make a pledge now.

Applebee’s is proud to partner with KCUR. Public radio “is community." It reaches the heart of Kansas City and brings Kansas City together in all of the neighborhoods that we serve.

Think about how much value you receive throughout the year from KCUR news, information, music and entertainment.

Thank you to all who made gifts during our year-end membership drive. Even though our membership drive is over, it’s not too late to become a new or renewing member online today. 

KCUR would like to thank Tuesday's corporate sponsor, Applebee's!

Today we turn the spotlight on KCUR’s Horizon Members. We celebrate their ongoing, long-term financial commitment to Kansas City’s public media and invite you to become a Horizon Member.

What is a KCUR Horizon Member?  These are members who make monthly contributions to KCUR through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) directly from their bank account, or for UMKC employees through payroll deduction.  It is the most convenient and cost efficient way to support Kansas City Public Media.

KCUR’s on-air membership drive has concluded. Thank you to everyone who became a member for the first time or renewed their membership!

And a big THANK YOU to our volunteers, corporate partners and food donors who made this membership drive possible!