Danie Alexander

Producer, Up To Date

Danette (Danie) Alexander first came to KCUR in 2007 as an intern for Up to Date after completing her B.A. in Communications at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. After her KCUR internship, Danie continued as a volunteer, assisting senior producer Stephen Steigman with the show.  Her radio experience also includes stints with public radio's New Letters on the Air as a broadcast engineer and on local public radio as host of a weekly overnight call-in show.

In December 2011, Danie became a temporary on-air announcer, eventually serving as the regular voice on Saturday afternoons.  In August 2012 she accepted the position of associate producer for Up to Date where she produced the award-wining weekly segment 90-Mile View. Her current duties as producer for the program began in September of 2014.

Danette Alexander also holds a B.S. degree from William Woods University. Originally from Long Island, NY, she and her husband Steven Alexander live in Raytown when they’re not working on their future retirement property on Tablerock Lake.

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We’ve all seen it, a politician’s life derailed by scandal or personal crisis. While in years past that meant retirement from public life, nowadays we’re just as likely to see these individuals re-emerge to campaign another day.

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Looking for a great film to see the weekend of August 30-September 2? Here's our critics' choices.

Cynthia Haynes:

  • Blue Jasmine
  • 20 Feet From Stardom
  • Blackfish

Steve Walker:

Looking for a way to celebrate a labor-free holiday? Brian McTavish has some options for you on the Weekend To-Do List.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is credited with implementing major changes in labor and social welfare: unemployment compensation, child labor laws, the 40-hour work week, and Social Security among them. However, the driving force behind these policies was the first woman to serve as a Cabinet member.

Hellen Cook's disappearance came to our attention during our last conversation with The Benton County Enterprise publisher James White.

On this edition of 90-Mile View, James is back with the rest of Hellen's story: who she was beyond the headlines and what her family is doing to improve the process of finding lost loved ones in the future.

What can be accomplished when an idea that seems impossible is pursued despite the odds? That's the question being answered at this year's TEDxKC event.

Danie Alexander / KCUR-FM

Being a police officer is about many things: patrolling a beat, helping other officers maintain order, and sometimes, providing extra security to visiting dignitaries.

Kansas City, Mo., police officer Nicole Wright returns to speak with Steve Kraske about what it's like to work be part of the special security detail at the NAACP national convention for the organization’s chairman, Roslyn M. Brock and what the mood was there when they heard the verdict of the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case.

Steve Kraske / KCUR-FM

Many of us ask ourselves at some point: "What am I doing and why am I doing it?" For one woman the question looms larger with her choice to pursue a lifestyle that embraces isolation and eschews the modern.

One of the problems of autism is that its origins are still fairly mysterious. But a more pressing, everyday concern for parents is how to pay for therapy for their children without going bankrupt.

Major League Soccer

Barely a year after baseball's best swooped through town, another All-Star Game will kick off Wednesday night at Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kan. The fanfare may be more subdued, but as Victor Wishna cautions in this month's edition of A Fan's Notes, don't believe the lack of hype: soccer--especially soccer in Kansas City--is major league.

According to the 2010 census, the population of Warsaw, Missouri is 2,127 but in the summer this town along Truman Lake sees an influx of tourists and summer residents. Keeping an eye on it all is The Benton County Enterprise publisher James White.

Today James explains how long "the season" runs and what it means to the year-round residents and business owners of Warsaw. Plus, we catch up on the latest news coming out of the Benton County.

Two years of extreme drought. The failure of Congress to pass the Farm Bill. Life hasn't gotten any easier for cattle rancher Howard Blender.

In this edition of 90-Mile View, Howard gives Steve Kraske an update on conditions in Chase County as he and others struggle with the effects of too little rain from Mother Nature and too little support from legislators.

Danie Alexander / KCUR-FM

Rev. Rick Behrens is pastor of Grandview Park Presbyterian Church in Kansas City, Kansas, an inner-city church with a congregation and a community largely made up of immigrants.  In this installment of 90-Mile View, Rick talks immigration policy and reform with Steve Kraske and what it means to the people he serves.


He is the original superhero of modern times and this year fans around the world celebrate the 75th birthday of Superman.

Weather plays a major role in agriculture.  Just ask dairyman Eric Neill.  Last summer it was drought, then record snows this past winter.  Now it's rain . . . lots and lots of rain.

James White is the fifth-generation publisher of the Benton County Enterprise, the weekly paper started by his great, great grandfather in 1879 down in Warsaw, Missouri.


The goal: Have at-risk students take an old rundown car, restore it and convert it to run on electric power then drive it from K.C. to D.C.   If that's not enough, have it powered solely by social media interaction.


Trains have been making news lately, both good and bad.  Amtrak engineer Eric Peterson can relate.


Would you pay more for an article of clothing if it meant the person who made it worked in safe factory conditions and earned a fair wage?

Courtest of Gary Yarbrough

Dr. Gary Yarbrough has practiced family medicine in small towns for 30 years.  In that time he's met some memorable people.

Julie Denesha / KCUR

William Whitener became Artistic Director of the Kansas City Ballet in 1996.  After having staged, taught, acquired, commissioned or created 85 works for the organization and seeing it move into its new rehearsal and performance spaces, Whitener now prepares to leave the Ballet and embark on yet another chapter in his remarkable career.

Danie Alexander/KCUR

When Saundra Hayes returned to her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, it wasn’t to become a neighborhood advocate.

Beth Lipoff / KCUR-FM

Recent events in the Boston area put the spotlight on law enforcement as the nation followed the investigation and manhunt following the explosions at the city's marathon.

Three years ago the Kansas legislature passed a one-cent sales tax with the intention of removing it at a later date.

Danie Alexander / KCUR-FM

How many of us followed a childhood dream into the job of our dreams?  Eric Peterson did.


Should a child be able to grow up unhindered by the knowledge that later in life he or she will suffer from a serious illness?

Danie Alexander / KCUR-FM

Visit Grandview Park Presbyterian Church on any regular Sunday and, unless you know him, you're unlikely to distinguish Rev. Rick Behrens from his congregation.

Paul Andrews

This week singer/songwriter Amy Farrand is in Austin, Texas as part of the Midcoast Takeover showcase being presented during SXSW.

Random House

In this country it was long believed that if you worked hard then you could share in the prosperity this land had to offer.  So – who stole the American Dream?

Crazybananas / Flickr.com - CC

Recent snowfalls brought much needed moisture to our region.  Even so, the drought of last year has not been broken.  Should it continue for months ... or even years ... what are the potential long-term effects?