Kansas City, MO – Civic leaders on the Greater Downtown Development Authority have narrowed proposals seeking bond underwriting to twenty. Steve Bell looks at some proposals that made the cut and some that didn't.

Byron C. Cohen Gallery for Contemporary Art, Kansas City

The Byron Cohen Gallery in the Crossroads Arts District is known more for exhibiting and representing national artists.

JEFFERSON CITY – Lawmakers are evaluating the arguments for and against a mandetory counciling and waiting period for women seeking abortions. Missy Shelton reports.

A look at First Fridays in the Crossroads, a public artwork downtown, and new video installations at the Gallery of Art at Johnson County Community College.

Kansas City – Sprint confirms Esrey stepping down, McCaskill finds excessive number of child-abuse deaths in Missouri, and Overland Park police discontinue early-morning patrols.

A musical based on the short stories of a native Kansan opens at the Missouri Repertory Theatre, an experimental film, video and new media series marks 10 years, and modern dance companies reach across the state line.

Kansas City, MO – All Kansas news: the Senate delays budget vote until Tuesday, the State Supreme Court won't hear the Open Meetings lawsuit, and residents may need their Social Security number for driver's license applications in the future.

KANSAS CITY – Ecstacy was once popular at all-night dance parties called raves. But here in Kansas City, rave promoters are trying to work with police to keep drugs out of the parties. Still, promoters continue to be concerned about police busts, which some say are unfairly targeting raves. K-C-U-R's Matt Hackworth reports.

KANSAS CITY – Candidate Interviews begin for Kansas City, MO city manager. Talent strongly endorses possible invasion of Iraq. Protests and lawsuit over Missouri Medicaid cuts.

No list of the best comics in television history would be complete without Lucille Ball's name. A new production at the Unicorn Theatre is a biographical tribute to the comedienne.

Listening in to a jam session at the Mutual Musicians Foundation, contributors to small presses gear up to read their fiction and poetry at the Writer's Place, and newEar presents the Kansas City premiere of an epic musical tale.

Tide Turned for Kansas as Energy Exporter

Jan 20, 2003

Kansas City, MO – A new report called the Kansas Energy Plan reminds Kansans that the oil and gas wells that dot the landscape are reminders of a disappearing era. At the same time it offers the hope on energizing at least one area of the lagging Kansas economy. The panel sees hope for more exports of wind, ethanol and coal-bed methane based energy.

01/16/03 –
school closings as of 7:00 AM Thursday:

Academy of Kansas City
Closed Thurs.
Submitted at: 4:25 AM CST on Thursday, Jan 16

St. Clair County
Closed Thurs. & Fri. due to illness
Submitted at: 3:05 PM CST on Wednesday, Jan 15

Douglas County
Closed Thurs.
Submitted at: 5:33 AM CST on Thursday, Jan 16

Barstow School
Closed Thurs.
Submitted at: 6:02 AM CST on Thursday, Jan 16

The Kansas City theatre community is undergoing a blitz of world premiere productions this month. The most ambitious is the musical Wild Boy, scored by area composer Gary Adams.

An artist with a new exhibit, a weekly practice session for area bagpipers, and a director facing a challenging production.

Links for more information:
Synergy Art Space
American Heartland Theatre
Midwest Highland Arts Fund

Kansas City, MO – Appleton, St. Clair County
Closed Thurs. & Fri. due to illness

Excelsior Springs, Clay County
Closed Thurs. & Fri. due to illness

Lakeland R-3
Closed Thurs. & Fri.

Lamonte R-4
Closed Thurs. & Fri.

Lathrop R-2
Clinton County
Closed Thurs. & Fri. due to illness

Lawson R-14, Ray County
Closed Thurs. & Fri.

Missouri City
Closed Thurs., Fri., & Mon.

Last week's Arts Roundup included a look at an art exhibit, a rock and roll show, and a musical with similar themes exploring the role of faith in times of tragedy.

The play Leaves from the Great Bharata is based on stories from The Mahabarata - an ancient Indian epic.

The Performance Art class at the University of Kansas in Lawrence is thought to be one of the oldest, regularly offered performance classes in the country.

Kansas City, MO – KU?s Distinguished Professor of Performance and Painting Roger Shimomura has taught the class each fall for the past seventeen years. KCUR?s Laura Spencer talked to Shimomura who says he first became interested in performance art in graduate school.

KANSAS CITY – Mayor Barnes introduces the River Crown Plaza project, Missouri reaches an agreement concerning federal Medicaid payments, and Kansas law enforcement officials face budget woes.

Web Site Recalls Pearl Harbor, WWII

Dec 8, 2002
Steve Bell

Americans this weekend observed the anniversary the attack on Pearl Harbor.

KCUR's Steve Bell visited the creators of a web site that recalls that day of infamy.

You can visit the web site here.

University Libraries

Kansas City – Voices of World War II, a project of UMKC Libraries, lets visitors hear music and radio broadcasts Kansas Citians heard on December 7, 1941 and throughout WWII... many listening on radios like the old Philco at the left. For the KCUR feature and URL address, click on "KCUR News Features" above.

Kansas City – Voices of World War II, a project of UMKC Libraries, lets visitors hear music and radio broadcasts Kansas Citians heard on December 7, 1941 and throughout the war. For the KCUR feature and URL address, click on "feature news" above.

KANSAS CITY – 30 years for Courtney in drug-diluting case, plans for a new downtown arena gain momentum, and Missouri lawmakers want to update the state's DNA collection rules.

AP Photo

Hundreds of victims of the Robert Courtney drug-tampering scheme and their family members watched as the former pharmacist was sentenced to 30 years on Thursday. The sentence drew mixed responses from those watching the proceedings.

Robert Courtney, the former Kansas City pharmacist who has admitted to diluting prescriptions given to thousands of patients, faced sentencing on Thursday.

Under a plea agreement, U.S. District Judge Ortri Smith can give Courtney from 17 1/2 to 30 years in prison.

Hundreds of victims and family members are expected at the courthouse. Among them will be Marge Vermillion, whose husband died soon after taking cancer treatments mixed at Courtney's pharmacy. 

KANSAS CITY – Kansas SRS announces sweeping program cuts. News organizations sue Sebelius to open budget meetings to the public. Missouri sees year's budget shortfall projection grow to 152-million.

UCLA Fowler Museum of History. Promised gift of Jay T. Last. Photo by Don Cole.

Art of the Lega: Meaning and Metaphor in Central Africa opened in October at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Associated Press

A 97-year-old woman is the oldest working Kansan. Martha Smith of Vinland, Kan. has been tending the Cole Creek Library for most of the last 67 years. Her great uncle helped found the library in 1859.

In 2002, the Overland Park Convention Center opened ...with more than 60 sculptures and paintings created by regional artists.