Ford en Auto Manufacturing Expanding In Kansas City Area <p style="margin-bottom: 0in">The Kansas City city council is expected to approve tax incentives for an expansion of the area's automotive manufacturing industry this afternoon.</p><p style="margin-bottom: 0in">Wednesday, a council committee endorsed ten-year tax abatement and $10.5 million in industrial revenue bonds to help turn a building in the east bottoms into a manufacturing facility for auto interior components. Troy Curran of Grupo Anolin says the company already has 2700 people working n North America.</p> Thu, 21 Nov 2013 14:16:10 +0000 Steve Bell 47171 at Third Shift Workers Start At Claycomo Ford Plant <p>As promised in May, Ford Motor Company began a third assembly line shift Monday at the Claycomo Plant.</p><p>The 900-worker expansion brings the total of rank and file UAW jobs to some 4,500. The emphasis of the additional team will be making the F-150 pickup.</p><p>Plant manager Dan Jowiski said potential workers went through pre-interview testing to see if they were qualified to do the job. That was in late April, just before Ford started beefing up the force.</p><p>Jowiski cited strong company ties to the area when the jobs were announced this spring.&nbsp;</p> Tue, 06 Aug 2013 13:15:27 +0000 Dan Verbeck 41478 at Third Shift Workers Start At Claycomo Ford Plant Truck Sales Tie To Home Building, Kansas City Jobs <p>In&nbsp; announcing it would add 2,000 jobs to its Claycomo Assembly Plant, Ford Motor cited increased&nbsp; sales tied to new stability in the home building market.&nbsp;&nbsp; At the truck factory, Ford executives drew parallels that are being seen industry-wide. Fri, 03 May 2013 21:56:52 +0000 Dan Verbeck 36174 at Truck Sales Tie To Home Building, Kansas City Jobs Ford Takes Missouri Offer; $400 Million Buildup Seen <p class="legacy-audio-url"> <div class="audio-container"> <div id="jp-interface-53d813067799a-" class="jp-interface"> <div id="post-audio-53d813067799a-" class="jp-player" jp-instance="53d813067799a-"></div> <div class="jp-controls column"> <div class="jp-progress"> <div class="jp-seek-bar"> <div class="jp-play-bar"></div> </div> </div><!-- end jp-progress --> </div><!-- end jp-controls --> <div class="playpause column"> <a href="" class="jp-play">Listen</a> <a class="jp-pause"></a> </div><!-- playpause --> <div class="jp-time-holder column"> <div class="jp-custom-current-time"></div> <div class="jp-custom-duration"></div> </div><!-- jp-time-holder --> <div id="slider"></div> </div><!-- .jp-interface --> </div><!-- container --> </p> <p>Kansas City, Mo. – People who depend upon the Ford Claycomo Plant had encouraging words today from the automaker and Missouri's Governor. The number of full-time jobs won't change and the plant will make a $400 million expansion with help from the State.</p> Tue, 18 Jan 2011 22:48:30 +0000 Dan Verbeck 7473 at Ford Takes Missouri Offer; $400 Million Buildup Seen