Matt Gilligan en What's The Story Behind Your Street? <p>Have you ever wondered why a street is named the what it is?&nbsp; Or what that one person did that immortalized their name onto our mailing address?&nbsp; Some are fairly obvious, but many surprises abound when you start exploring.&nbsp; History host <strong>Monroe Dodd </strong>invites <strong>David Boutros, </strong>the Assistant Director at State Historical Society of Missouri, <strong>Daniel Serda</strong> a teacher at the KU school of Architecture Design and Planning, and <strong>Matt Gilligan</strong> of the Johnson County Museum to explore our streets and just how they became know for what they are today. Fri, 10 May 2013 21:34:36 +0000 Matthew Long-Middleton 36547 at What's The Story Behind Your Street?