Scott Harvey en Nixon Pushes For More School Funding <p style="margin: 0in 0in 13.2pt; line-height: 20.4pt; background-position: initial initial; background-repeat: initial initial;"><span style="font-size:14.5pt; font-family:&quot;Georgia&quot;,&quot;serif&quot;;color:#333333">A day after proposing $278 million for K-12 classrooms during his State of the State address, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon worked to build support for his proposal before students and teachers in Springfield.<o:p></o:p></span></p> Thu, 23 Jan 2014 14:36:07 +0000 Scott Harvey 50146 at Nixon Attempts To Build Support For Vetoes <p>In the first of what may be several visits to highlight his many other vetoes from this summer, Gov. Jay Nixon told reporters in Springfield that he opposes $22 million in new and increased license fees on Missourians.</p> Wed, 21 Aug 2013 12:33:36 +0000 Scott Harvey 42314 at Gov. Nixon Visits Flood-Ravaged South-Central Missouri <p>Gov. Jay Nixon toured parts of flood-ravaged south-central Missouri Thursday following days of heavy rains, which damaged dozens of homes and killed a young boy and his mother.</p><p>The Governor praised the work of local organizations in their response efforts, including the Red Cross, whose Waynesville shelter housed 27 people Wednesday night. Nixon has called upon the Missouri National Guard for security and traffic control, as numerous streets have been closed, including sections of I-44 earlier this week.</p> Fri, 09 Aug 2013 12:09:54 +0000 Scott Harvey 41684 at Gov. Nixon Visits Flood-Ravaged South-Central Missouri Gov. Nixon Signs New Laws For Veterans <p>Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon <a href="">signed several pieces of legislation on Wednesday </a>aimed to benefit veterans and their families on a tour that included stops at Cape Giardeau and Springfield. &nbsp;</p> Thu, 11 Jul 2013 14:02:47 +0000 Scott Harvey & Jacob McCleland 39982 at Gov. Nixon Signs New Laws For Veterans McCaskill Denounces Missouri Lawmakers Failure To Pass Transportation Bill <p>U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, a Democrat from Missouri, criticized state lawmakers Tuesday for failing to pass a transportation bill, while previewing federal legislation to improve the nation’s infrastructure.&nbsp;</p><p>McCaskill called the state’s $600 million construction budget to oversee 33,000 miles of roadways a “recipe for disaster.”</p><p>“We cannot have a strong economy in Missouri if we do not have an ongoing commitment to investing in our highways, our bridges, and even our lochs and dams, and projects on our great rivers,” McCaskill said.</p> Wed, 03 Jul 2013 14:06:55 +0000 Scott Harvey 39533 at Missouri House Speaker Delivers Legislative Report Card <p>A few weeks after the end of the 2013 legislative session, Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones offered a report card to Springfield residents. It was one of 17 planned stops this week throughout southern Missouri.</p><p>The Republican from Eureka used two large poster boards displaying various legislative accomplishments as talking points. Among them were the approval of bills for paycheck protection, prevailing wage, and reform of the financially troubled Second Injury Fund, of which the Speaker says he’s most proud.</p> Thu, 30 May 2013 14:39:46 +0000 Scott Harvey 37622 at Tornado Safe Rooms In Schools A Popular, But Costly Idea In the days since a tornado ripped through Moore, Okla., talk of constructing safe rooms in public schools has become commonplace.<p>In southwest Missouri, officials have built a few of them already, and they are seeking funding to build more.<p><strong>'A Sense Of Peace'</strong><p>Karina O'Connell is preparing dinner tonight under the pavilion at Phelps Grove Park in Springfield, Mo., where she's eating with her 9-year-old twin sons, Samuel and John Patrick.<p>A mixture of curiosity and fear has the boys often going online to track big storms. Fri, 24 May 2013 22:03:00 +0000 Scott Harvey 37352 at Tornado Safe Rooms In Schools A Popular, But Costly Idea Michelle Obama Promotes Healthy Foods In Springfield <p>First Lady Michelle Obama called on more businesses to join in the fight against childhood obesity during the second and final day of her <em>Let’s Move!</em> tour, an initiative she began three years ago</p><p>Mrs. Obama’s trip to a Walmart Neighborhood Market in Springfield served as a tribute to the company’s commitment to creating and selling healthy products.</p><p>The First Lady says American businesses such as Walmart are helping to disprove the notion that healthy food doesn’t sell. She thanked the company for taking the risk in offering these services to its customers.</p> Fri, 01 Mar 2013 15:34:16 +0000 Scott Harvey 32781 at Nixon Calls For More State Money For Drug Taskforces <p>Speaking at the Greene County Sheriff’s Office Monday, Governor Jay Nixon says it’s important to keep the state’s multi-jurisdictional drug task forces on the front lines.</p><p>Nixon’s proposed budget includes $3 million for these agencies to restore a decline in federal funding.</p><p>In Fiscal Year 2012, the state’s drug task forces accounted for 21,000 cases, 9,000 arrests and busted 1,700 meth labs. Nixon says without making up for this loss in funding, Missouri would have to take officers off the drug beat.</p> Tue, 12 Feb 2013 12:16:19 +0000 Scott Harvey 31838 at Nixon Calls For More State Money For Drug Taskforces Nixon Pushes Higher Ed Plan <p>Calling it the best economic development tool for the state, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon reiterated his proposal for an additional $34 million in higher education funding during a stop in Springfield.</p><p>Nixon first made the pitch for the performance-based model during last week’s State of the State Address.</p><p>On Wednesday, he congratulated Missouri State University for achieving all five of its performance criteria, which focus on graduation and retention rates, test scores, efficiency and an institution-specific goal.</p> Thu, 07 Feb 2013 16:07:02 +0000 Scott Harvey 31608 at Nixon Pushes Higher Ed Plan I-49 Opens From Kansas City To Arkansas <p>Hundreds of new signs now line the highway formerly known as 71.&nbsp; The signage follows the unveiling of Interstate 49 between Kansas City and the Arkansas border.&nbsp;</p><p> Thu, 13 Dec 2012 16:01:53 +0000 Scott Harvey 28952 at I-49 Opens From Kansas City To Arkansas