Audio Archives FAQ

KCUR Online Audio FAQ

I am looking for an archive but see a blank section on the webpage.

When looking at an archive page you will ordinarily see all the archives for the current month in a large box down the middle of the page.  If you just see a blank white box down the middle of the page it usually means that you don’t have a good copy of Java on your computer. You can download a current version of Java at by clicking on the orange download now button at the top of the page. Once this is downloaded and installed you may need to close the window and try the archive site again but you should see the archives.

I am looking for an archive but I see no shows or the show I want is older then what I see.

Look for the  <<

I cannot download a program and put it on a CD or mp3 player.

When you play a show from our site you don’t download a show but an m3u playlist file. The m3u format that you get when you play our shows on your computer are not really shows but just play list links.  We have to follow some copyright restrictions on some of our shows prohibiting us from allowing people to download the actual programs. So all the files stay on a server here that you just connect to, to play the program. If you are looking for a news program and it is fairly recent you may find it on the podcast page and be able to download it from there or you always have the option of buying a CD copy of the show through our receptionist at 816-235-1551 and then copying it to your mp3 player.

I am playing an archive but only hear a few seconds before it stops and is silent for a few seconds then it plays again but only for a brief period.

This is a problem that often happens to listeners with a dialup connection. Your media player may say that it is “buffering”.  Our archive streams are only available at one speed and if you connect too slowly you can not listen without buffering breaks. If you experience this you can try to close all other programs running and try connecting at different times during the day. You may also want to try downloading the podcast version of the program and then playing it.

The archives don’t work from my Mac.

Because of the copyright restrictions on our archives we use a .m3u format that is sometimes tough for Macintosh computers to play but iTunes should always be able to play the file. To make iTunes play the file follow these directions.

Open Web Browser (safari).
Locate desired archive.
Hold down the “option key” on the keyboard and click (with the mouse) on the desired archive You should notice a new icon on your desktop called “kcurlisten.m3u.mp3”
Click and hold on this icon until you are able to change the text.
Delete the “.mp3” part of the file name so you are left with “kcurlisten.m3u”
Hold down the “control” key and click (with the mouse) on the new KCUR icon.
Choose “open with” from the menu and select iTunes.
That show will begin to play and you can drop the “kcurlisten.m3u” icon in the trash  
Note: if you use Firefox or Internet Explorer the mp3 will not be there and you can just open the file in iTunes.

When I try to play an archive the wrong program opens or nothing happens.

Try right clicking on the flashing “Listen”, “On Demand” button and selecting “Save Target as” and save the file to your desktop. Do not rename it or anything.  The download should be very fast. Just close the download box when it is done. Then go to your desktop and find the “kcurlisten.m3u icon”. Right click this icon and go to “Open With” and then select “Choose Program…” Once this window opens find Windows Media Player or whatever player you would like to use and then click it and also make sure to check the box that will “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file”, then click OK.