Greitens resigns as governor of Missouri

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, who once aspired for national office, announced he will resign after months of swirling controversy surrounding an extramarital affair and subsequent investigations. Greitens said Tuesday afternoon from his office in Jefferson City that he will step down at 5 p.m. on Friday. The move elevates Lt. Gov. Mike Parson , a former Republican state lawmaker, to the governor’s office. "I came to office to fight for the people of Missouri, to fight for the forgotten," the outgoing governor said. "I love Missouri. And I love our people. That love remains."

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Too many of Kansas City's children change schools too often.

To truly understand the problem and how it affects our city, reporters spent a year in one classroom.

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A Brief History Of Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens’ Troubled Few Months

Updated May 29, 2018 — Missouri Republican Gov. Eric Greitens has resigned after coming under intense scrutiny for several reasons. He still faces a felony relating to fundraising for his gubernatorial campaign.

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UCLA Fowler Museum of History. Promised gift of Jay T. Last. Photo by Don Cole.

Art of the Lega: Meaning and Metaphor in Central Africa opened in October at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

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A 97-year-old woman is the oldest working Kansan. Martha Smith of Vinland, Kan. has been tending the Cole Creek Library for most of the last 67 years. Her great uncle helped found the library in 1859.

In 2002, the Overland Park Convention Center opened ...with more than 60 sculptures and paintings created by regional artists.

US Poet Laureate Billy Collins has been called the most popular poet in America.

College enrollment is on the rise. As college admissions departments accepts more students, housing officials have to find a place for them to live.

Sometimes that means building a new facility, on land that used to be part of a residential neighborhood. One South Kansas City technical school is looking to build housing for its students.

KCUR's Matt Hackworth reports that not everybody in the school's neighborhood is welcoming the idea of student housing with open arms.

KANSAS CITY – Health Midwest not finished with sales agreement before first hearing. Senator Jean Carnahan says, "Thank you." United Way may extend fund drive.

Kansas City – Hearings start tonight on the sale of Health Midwest to HCA, a deal that would spawn a new 800-million dollar foundation. Overland Park celebrates the opening of it's new convention center.

KANSAS CITY – Fitch reduces Aquila bond status to "junk." Kansas Attorney General to challenge Wyandotte County and Edwardsville Sunday liquor sales. Judge lets libel convictions stand for publishers who alleged Mayor Carol Marinovich did not live in Wyandotte County.

KANSAS CITY – Aquila bond rating dropped to "junk." Attorney General to challenge Wyandotte County and Edwardsville Sunday liquor sales. Judge lets libel convictions stand for publisher and editor who alleged carol Marinovich did not live in Wyandotte County.

KANSAS CITY – Phill Kline declares victory in Kansas Attorney General race.


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Jon Meacham On America's Uneven Path Forward

The American story has not always been heroic, says the Pulitzer Prize-winning presidential historian, but we have been sustained by a belief in progress even in the gloomiest of times.

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