Nature in the City

9:33 am
Thu December 11, 2014

Kansas City's Owls Get All The Help They Need At Lakeside Nature Center

Kimberly Hess, Director at Lakeside Nature Center with Hooty the owl. Hooty is a 19 year old barred owl who came to the center after his nest was destroyed. He was malnourished, and developed cataracts. He cannot survive in the wild.
Suzanne Hogan KCUR

Lakeside Nature Center in Kansas City, Mo., is a place where people can get an up-close look at wild animals and plants that surround the area. It’s also one of the largest animal rehabilitation centers in Missouri.

Wild animals are brought in when they lose their habitat, are injured or abandoned. Humans are animal’s biggest threat, but the center is a place where humans are trying to help them out.

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Central Standard
1:24 pm
Mon April 7, 2014

Nature In The City: Spring 2014

American White Pelican
Credit Ken Chan / Flickr / Creative Commons

Spring has arrived in the Midwest and there are many wonders of nature to explore in our area. On today's Central Standard, our Kansas City nature experts discuss spring peeper and western chorus frogs, bald eagles, peregrine falcons, plus some natural features that really shine in the spring.

Also, our experts suggest ideal locations in and around Kansas City to enjoy the new season's natural beauties.

Below are some great spots to explore nature and see wildlife in the spring:

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Central Standard
4:00 pm
Mon January 13, 2014

Nature In The City: Winter 2014

Scott tweeted us, "Here's a Red tailed hawk eating a Junco he took from my feeder."
Credit Scott G (gipsonwonds) / Twitter

It's winter, and with shorter days, bone-chilling temperatures and snow and ice, we typically stay indoors.

Many forgo their daily walk in with nature. And most of us figure that there’s not much nature to see anyway.

But what are we missing?

As it turns out, we are missing a whole lot. It’s that time again for Nature in the City, a quarterly look at the plants and animals in and around the metro.

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Central Standard
5:33 pm
Mon October 14, 2013

Nature In The City: Autumn Is Here

Credit changr / Flickr - CC

It's starting to actually feel like fall. Daylight is slipping away sooner, mornings are brisk and nights are chilly. As the temperature starts to cool, leaves start to slowly change to those beautiful warm colors of yellow, orange and red and will soon fall to the ground. Critters scamper about preparing for who knows what kind of winter. From bird migrations, strange insects, frog populations and more, autumn is certainly making her place in Kansas City. 

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Central Standard
6:53 pm
Tue June 25, 2013

Nature In The City: Summer Edition

Credit AnnCam / Flickr -- Creative Commons

Summer is here, the humid days and the hot nights. The nesting robins and the walks through nature sanctuaries. The dead armadillos by the side of the road, yes, it’s all part of Nature in the City.

Larry Rizzo, Natural History Biologist at the Missouri Department of Conservation in Kansas City, and Mark McKellar, formerly with the Nature Conservancy and the Audobon Society and now owner of the Backyard Bird Center in the Northland, join us to explore these issues and more on this summer edition of Nature in the City.

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Central Standard
9:39 am
Tue April 9, 2013

Nature In The City: KC In Spring

After a drawn out winter where we in Kansas City found ourselves hibernating through the snow and ice of March, spring has finally sprung. The trees are blooming and the landscape is finally peppered with color as plants and wildlife emerge from dormancy. On this Central Standard, we explore the nature around us as we transition into Spring. 

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Central Standard
11:29 pm
Sun January 27, 2013

Nature In The City: The Dead Of Winter

Bill Anderson KCUR

It may be the dead of winter, but there is still plenty of nature to see in the Kansas City area.  Larry Rizzo, natural history biologist, and Joe Werner, biologist and urban ecologist will cover the best places to observe eagles and nesting Great Horned Owls, and explain what's going on pre-February with groundhogs. And we'll also explore how unseasonably warmer weather and a continued drought is affecting animal habits?

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Central Standard
9:52 am
Tue October 2, 2012

Nature In The City: Falling Into Autumn

flickr / Dr.RawheaD

You might've noticed a few tell tale signs of Autumn: the beginnings of fall foliage in the trees, flocks of birds migrating overhead... But one has to wonder, how did all that dry heat this summer affect our natural world as we fall into the Fall season? And how is the lingering drought impacting local wildlife?

On this Wednesday's Central Standard, we take an early Autumn look at Nature in the City with Larry Rizzo, natural history biologist, and Joe Werner, biologist and urban ecologist.

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Central Standard
1:32 pm
Tue July 31, 2012

Nature In The City: Drought Edition

Mickl Pickl Flickr

This summer's drought is affecting everyone: from farmers to daily commuters to animals. Especially animals.

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Central Standard
1:58 pm
Wed June 6, 2012

Nature in the City: Summer Birds, Hiking

Peregrine Falcon
Len Blumin Flickr

In Kansas City, we humans have adapted to our hot summer days with central air, trips to the movies and Jones Pool... but how do wild animals do it?

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Central Standard
1:08 pm
Thu March 22, 2012

Nature in the City: Songbirds, Spring Peepers & Wildflowers

KeyStroke Flickr

On this Thursday's Central Standard, we take a look at Nature in the City in it's most colorful season.

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Central Standard
1:43 pm
Thu February 16, 2012

Nature In The City: Woodcocks & Chorus Frogs

On this Thursday's Central Standard, a closer look at Nature in the City, from the courtship displays of Woodcocks (a.k.a. Timberdoodles) to the sounds of Western Chorus Frogs.

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