Monroe Dodd

Central Standard
4:59 pm
Fri June 6, 2014

The History of Recent Political Conventions

Ronald Reagan on the podium with Gerald Ford at the 1976 Republican National Convention in Kansas City after narrowly losing the presidential nomination.
Credit Executive Office of the President of the United States

Kansas City is getting the once-over this week from members of the Republican National Committee, who are in town to see whether we have what it takes to host the party’s 2016 national convention.

The last convention here came in 1976, and it was a hummer: A candidate named Ronald Reagan was taking on the incumbent president, Gerald Ford, and the battle went down to convention week.

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3:49 pm
Fri April 11, 2014

The History Of Troost

For decades, Troost Avenue has symbolized racial separation, income disparity and vast differences in home value as well as frequency of crime. But it's only a street. And at one time, it happened to be quite a prosperous street.

Hosted by Monroe Dodd, this discussion explores the specific decisions, both national and local, that laid the groundwork for Troost's transformation into a major metropolitan divide. Personal stories from a longtime resident contribute to this conversation.  


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Central Standard
9:20 am
Fri August 2, 2013

Five Stories Behind KC Neighborhoods And Parks

Loose Park in the summer.
Credit maltoodle / Flickr

Ever wonder how neighborhoods and parks around the city got their names? Host Monroe Dodd was back during Friday's show with a panel of guests to tell the stories behind the names of public spaces and communities in Kansas City.

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Central Standard
6:08 pm
Wed June 26, 2013

Youth Demonstrate Job Talents At Skills USA

Credit Barnshaws / Flickr -- Creative Commons

Hundreds of people are gathering to prove they are the best at a profession they have either just started or about to start. The Skills USA competition pits people in secondary and post-secondary education in head to head competition in talents ranging from computer programing, to cooking, to welding to over 90 other fields.

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Central Standard
6:59 pm
Tue June 25, 2013

Implications Of The Board Of Trade Closing

Credit Jeremy Bernfeld / Harvest Public Media

Some of the famous names Kansas City – Kemper, Latshaw, Ohlmann – were people who at one time were chairman of the Kansas City Board of Trade.  Since 1856 the KC Board of trade has been home for commodity trading, such as hard red winter wheat, and as that history comes to an end on Friday Michael Braude, former President & CEO of the KCBT and Frank Stone, Chairman in ‘07, President of Clearing Corporation in ‘88 & ‘04, explore the impact the board of trade has had on the region and what the implications are for its closing.

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Central Standard Friday
4:34 pm
Fri May 10, 2013

What's The Story Behind Your Street?

Have you ever wondered why a street is named the what it is?  Or what that one person did that immortalized their name onto our mailing address?  Some are fairly obvious, but many surprises abound when you start exploring.  History host Monroe Dodd invites David Boutros, the Assistant Director at State Historical Society of Missouri, Daniel Serda a teacher at the KU school of Architecture Design and Planning, and Matt Gilligan of the Johnson County Museum to explore our streets and just how they became know for what they are today.

Central Standard
12:00 pm
Mon March 25, 2013

Your Memories of Walt Bodine

Walt Bodine, legendary Kansas City broadcaster and icon of the city, died Sunday at the age of 92. To celebrate the life and career of Bodine, Central Standard invites his fans, friends and colleagues to call in and share their memories of former Walt Bodine Show host both on and off the air.

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Central Standard Friday
4:28 pm
Thu March 14, 2013

Irish History in Kansas City

As St. Patrick's Day approaches next week, the 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' t-shirts are getting pulled out of the closets and shamrocks will plaster the city. Kansas City has a special relationship with Irish culture that goes hand in hand with the city's narrative.

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Central Standard Friday
4:51 pm
Sat February 16, 2013

Enemies: A History of the FBI

  The Federal Bureau of Investigations is our federal police force, “to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats and to enforce the criminal laws of the United States."  However, in that mission the FBI has investigated its own citizens, even it's own presidents.  Pulitzer prize winning author Tim Weiner discusses the complicated history of the FBI.

Central Standard Friday
4:18 pm
Sat January 19, 2013

Historic Building Preservation In Kansas City

The Iconic Katz Building On Main

Change is inevitable.  But what if that change affects a community-loved building, or historic landmark?

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Central Standard Friday
12:03 pm
Mon December 31, 2012

Dining Rooms Of Days Gone By

Do you remember the Wishbone, Earl's Hamburgers, Po' Folks, Piccadilly Cafeteria, and the Athena on Broadway?  Well, we do.

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Central Standard Friday
4:18 pm
Wed December 26, 2012

The History Of Holiday Shopping

Good luck out there.

Heads up y'all, there's only one weekend left to get that last-minute Christmas shopping done.

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Central Standard Friday
6:00 pm
Thu November 22, 2012

KC History: Eisenhower

President Eisenhower

In his life Eisenhower lead the allied forces to victory in Europe, built the interstate system, and oversaw school integration, but what experiences built this man of action from Kansas?

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Central Standard Friday
9:30 am
Fri October 5, 2012

Highlight Reel

flickr / Ronan_C

We've got a rare treat for you.

Tune in this week when Food Critics Charles Ferruzza, of The Pitch and Fat City Blog, and Emily Farris, of Feed Me KC, join forces with history host Monroe Dodd to bring you a very special edition of Central Standard Friday.

Central Standard Friday
7:42 am
Fri September 28, 2012

KC History: Kansas Bureau Of Investigation

Coming up on Central Standard Friday, a look at some of the most high-profile criminal cases spanning the past 70 years in the state of Kansas.

For this show, we'll get a detailed history of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. History host Monroe Dodd talks with Larry Welch, author of Beyond Cold Blood: The KBI from Ma Barker to BTK.

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Central Standard Friday
9:30 am
Fri August 31, 2012

KC History: What Led To Vietnam

How did America end up in Vietnam? Coming up on Central Standard Friday, a look at the 40 years of political, military and diplomatic decisions that led to U.S. involvement in Indochina, going back to Versailles Peace Conference in 1919.

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Central Standard Friday
2:53 pm
Thu August 2, 2012

KC History: This WWI Memoir Isn't A Major Motion Picture, Yet

U.S. Army Medal Of Honor, World War I

Around the time that the 19th Century turned into the 20th, the most extraordinary man grew up in the woods of Western Missouri. There he learned to track and shoot with consummate skill.

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Central Standard Friday
3:33 pm
Thu July 5, 2012

KC History: Forgotten Tales of Missouri

Coming up on Central Standard Friday, join host Monroe Dodd for a history of the Show Me State rarely shown, including the chamber pot war of 1812, Long’s Dragon Boat, and wind wagon technology from 1846.

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Central Standard Friday
4:26 pm
Thu June 7, 2012

KC History: Waldo & The Westport Presbyterian Church

From "The Waldo Story" by LaDene Morton
The History Press

Next time on Central Standard Friday, join historian Monroe Dodd for the history of the Waldo neighborhood with LaDene Morton, author of The Waldo Story.

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KC Currents
8:30 am
Sun June 3, 2012

PHOTOS: What Kansas Looked Like Then And What It Looks Like Now

Monument Rocks, Kansas (1949)
Kansas City Star

If you happen to stand in one spot in a Kansas town or city, did you ever wonder what things looked like 100+ years ago? 

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Thank You, Walt
1:48 pm
Fri April 27, 2012

The Last Walt Bodine Show

Thank you all for joining KCUR this Friday morning at 10 a.m. for the very last Walt Bodine Show, and showing such outstanding support for Walt, and his contributions to local journalism.

Walt was join for the hour by his friends Monroe Dodd, Charles Ferruzza and Russ Simmons. The three have known Walt over the years as regular guests and co-hosts, and will talk with Walt today about his influence in Kansas City.


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Thank You, Walt
2:57 pm
Tue April 24, 2012

Walt Bodine Special: Ira Glass

Join us Tuesday morning for a special Walt Bodine Show from 2004, when Walt chats with fellow storyteller Ira Glass of This American Life about the ins and outs of radio journalism, and what happens when, inevitably, things go awry.

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Walt Bodine Show
11:26 am
Fri March 30, 2012

KC History: The Upcoming 1940 Census Release

The 1940 census tells a story of the economic dislocation that took place in America during the Great Depression. On April 2, those records will be made publicly available online for researchers everywhere.

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Walt Bodine Show
4:45 pm
Thu March 8, 2012

KC History: Mobsters In Our Midst

For three decades, organized crime in Kansas City was ruled by one mobster: Nick Civella. On this Friday's Walt Bodine Show, co-host Monroe Dodd will be joined by longtime FBI Agent William Ouseley for a look at how the mob emerged into the public eye, and ran every aspect of our city, as told in his books Mobsters in our Midst, and Open City.

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Walt Bodine Show
11:53 am
Fri February 17, 2012

KC History: Small-Scale Slavery In Missouri

Louisa and Harry E. Hayward. Circa 1858. Louisa was the slave nurse for Harry, who was seated in her lap. The image suggests the intimate and complicated relations that existed between slaveholding family members and their slaves.
Courtesy of the Missouri History Museum Phoographs and Prints Collectiojns, St. Louis.

On Friday's Walt Bodine Show, co-host Monroe Dodd discusses the history of small-scale slavery in Missouri with Diane Mutti Burke.

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Walt Bodine Show
10:43 am
Fri January 27, 2012

KC History: Remarkable Kansas Women

On Friday's Walt Bodine Show, historian Monroe Dodd discusses the history of remarkable women in Kansas, with past KCUR contributor and author, Gina Kaufmann. Her new book More than Petticoats: Remarkable Kansas Women tells the stories of women who shaped the Sunflower State, including a dentist, an orator, a pilot, a mayor and a fugitive slave.

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Walt Bodine Show
4:00 pm
Thu January 5, 2012

KC History: Americans by Choice

Coming up Friday on the Walt Bodine Show, we'll take a look at "Americans by Choice," an exhibit that tells the history of immigration and naturalization in the state of Kansas.

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KC History
6:52 pm
Thu December 15, 2011

KC History: Prairie Fire

UPDATE: Our past guest Julie Courtwright will be speaking this Sunday at 2pm at the Central Branch of the Kansas City Public Library. More info here.

Coming up on the Walt Bodine Show this Friday, an environmental history of the Great Plains through the lens of prairie fires.

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