Bread KC

Visual Arts
5:00 am
Fri February 8, 2013

A New Kind Of Wash, Dry, Fold: Art In The Laundromat

The landing with seating inside the Walnut Place Laundromat.
Sean Starowitz

Over the next six months, a quiet Midtown laundromat will be transformed into the site for a series of arts events. It’s an experiment - combining different genres including film, poetry, and even culinary arts - with a focus on public-oriented artwork.

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Central Standard
9:41 am
Wed August 29, 2012

BREAD KC! Kneading Needs

A recent BREAD! KC dinner, a collaboration between Coffee Girls and Remedy Food + Drink

On this Wednesday's Central Standard, how a group of Kansas City artists are putting an end to that whole starving artist thing.

Joining us is Andrew Erdrich, Sean Starowitz and Erin Olm-Shipman for BREAD KC!, a group that raises the unleavened bread of artists through microgrants from community dinners. We'll hear how the easiest grant process ever has helped launch innovative new works in our community.

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