Linda Sher

Midday Announcer

Linda Sher became the Afternoon Drive Announcer on KCUR-89.3 FM radio in 2000, after completion of a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  With a background in music and theater, a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the Kansas University Medical Center, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Texas, the medium of public radio was a perfect fit.  She grew up in Prairie Village, Kansas and in her spare time enjoys hiking, dancing, crafts and movies.  There are two wonderful people who call her mom and make her very proud and happy to be alive.  With a passion for creative expression, she hopes to use her talents to inform, entertain, and enlighten her community. 

Story Corps
3:25 pm
Tue November 16, 2010

StoryCorps in KC: Mary and David Warm

Mary and David Warm, recorded in the StoryCorps MobileBooth, Kansas City, Mo.

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Story Corps
9:25 am
Mon October 25, 2010

Story Corps in KC: Darryl Burton and Jeff Page

Story Corps
4:57 pm
Mon October 4, 2010

StoryCorps in KC: Henry Bloch and Thomas Bloch

Henry Bloch and Thomas Bloch, recorded in the StoryCorps MobileBooth, Kansas City, Mo.

Kansas City, MO – At StoryCorps recording booths across the country, friends and loved ones interview each other about their lives. Each Tuesday during Morning Edition, we'll bring you a story from the MobileBooth in Kansas City.

In 1990, H & R Block co-founder, Henry Bloch was denied membership to the Kansas City Country Club for being Jewish. In protest, world class golfer, Tom Watson resigned. Henry Bloch tells his son, Thomas what happened, and how it changed the club's membership policies to this day.

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3:03 pm
Mon November 23, 2009

StoryCorps In Kansas City: Horace Washington & Garland Smith

Kansas City, MO – The day after Thanksgiving, Americans will be encouraged to sit down to record a conversation with a loved one. It's part of a project by NPR's StoryCorps called National Day of Listening. KCUR is playing stories recorded 3 years ago when StoryCorps visited Kansas City.

Longtime friends and jazz musicians Horace Washington and Garland Smith stopped by the Mutual Musicians Foundation to talk about memorable moments.

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Food & Drink
3:21 am
Mon February 20, 2006

Cooking with the Papikians: Baku Eggplant

Kansas City, MO – Igor and Karina Papikian are both of Armenian and Russian descent. When they were forced to leave their home in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, in 1990 they weren't accepted in either Armenia or Russia. So, they decided to come to the United States. They ended up in Kansas City a place they'd only read about in a Theodore Dreiser novel. Linda Sher spent an evening with the Papikians and their daughter Ana, to learn about their journey, their life and their cooking.

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1:43 pm
Sun August 21, 2005

New CD Release by KC Jazz Artist, Alaadeen

Saxophonist and composer Ahmad Shahid Alaadeen, talks about his new album "New Africa Suite." He spoke with KCUR's Lee Ingalls.

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