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Jeremy Bernfeld is the editor of Harvest Public Media, based at KCUR. New to the Midwest, Jeremy joined Harvest as Multimedia Editor in 2011 from Boston where he helped build, named the best news website in the country by the Radio Television Digital News Association. He has covered blizzards and tornadoes and the natural disaster that was the Red Sox’ 2011 season. A proud graduate of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, Jeremy’s work has appeared in the Boston Globe, the (Falmouth, Maine) Forecaster and on NPR’s Only A Game.


5:23 pm
Fri January 9, 2015

Four Shot At Shawnee Gun Store

The co-owner of a Shawnee gun shop died Friday after being shot during a botched robbery attempt, according to police.

Three of the four suspects in the attempted robbery were also injured by gunfire.

Shawnee police Maj. Dan Tennis told the Associated Press four people tried to rob the She's A Pistol gun shop Friday afternoon. Three were shot and two of them were critically injured. Another had less-serious wounds and was arrested with the fourth suspect in a residential area nearby.

Ultimately, police arrested all four suspects.

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Harvest Public Media
12:48 pm
Thu January 8, 2015

Irish Beef Imports Approved After 15-Year European Ban

A beef traffic jam in Clare, Ireland.
Credit Neil Rickards / Flickr--CC

Ireland will be the first European Union country allowed to send beef to U.S. dinner tables, more than 15 years after a deadly outbreak of mad cow disease in Europe led U.S. regulators to ban European beef imports.

The ban on EU beef imports was lifted in March and Ireland’s beef production systems passed a U.S. inspection, according to the Irish Agriculture Department.

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11:39 am
Mon November 17, 2014

Sprint Center To Host 2017 Elite Eight

Kansas City's Sprint Center will host the Midwest Regional games in the 2017 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.
Credit Paul Sableman / Creative Commons

No stranger to big-time college basketball, Kansas City will play host to late-round games in the 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, the NCAA announced Monday.

Kansas City is the host of 2017’s Midwest Regional games, which include two Sweet Sixteen games and one Elite Eight matchup. The games will be played at the Sprint Center.

The Final Four is scheduled to be played in Phoenix. San Jose, Calif., will host the West Regional games. The South Regional games will be held in Memphis, Tenn. New York will host the East Regional games.

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Harvest Public Media
7:19 am
Mon November 17, 2014

Meat Labeling Rules May Change

Rules that require more information on meat labels may be on the outs.

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack seemed to signal for the first time Friday that the rules are not compliant with World Trade Organization standards and must be fixed.

“We’ve done a 360-degree look and I can tell you that we do not think there’s a regulatory fix that would allow us to be consistent with the law, which I’ve sworn to uphold, and to satisfy the WTO,” Vilsack said.

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Up To Date
5:53 pm
Thu November 13, 2014

Ethics Professors: Right To Die, Ebola Quarantines, And Same-Sex Marriage

Brittany Maynard went public with her choice to end her life after being diagnosed with incurable cancer.
Credit The Maynard Family /

A terminally-ill woman in Oregon chose to end her life last week, should she be allowed to make this choice? A nurse in Maine aggressively fought that state's strict Ebola quarantine, does the greater good trump individual rights? Courts throughout the country are grappling with same-sex marriage bans, are people entitled to marry?

On this edition of Up to Date, guest-host Jeremy Bernfeld and the Ethics Professors sift through these moral dilemmas and the questions they raise. 


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11:39 am
Thu November 6, 2014

Chiefs To Skip 2015 Home Game To Play In London

Fans at Arrowhead Stadium made life difficult for the New England Patriots Monday, Sept. 29.
Credit Jeremy Bernfeld / KCUR

The Chiefs’ home away from home next season? London.

The team will “host” the Detroit Lions at London’s Wembley Stadium on Nov. 1, 2015, the NFL announced Thursday. Designated the home team, the Chiefs will play one fewer game at their true home, Arrowhead Stadium, next year.

Each NFL team usually plays eight regular season home games each season. Next year, the Chiefs will host seven regular season games and likely host two preseason contests.

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10:25 pm
Wed October 29, 2014

Royals Fall Just Short, Drop Game 7

The Kansas City Royals fell just one game win of a World Series title.
Credit Jeremy Bernfeld / KCUR

Just two hours before midnight Wednesday, autumn magic ran out of juice. The coach turned into a pumpkin. The Kansas City Royals’ magical postseason run ended a win shy of a championship.

Behind a dominating relief appearance by usual starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner, the San Francisco Giants beat the Royals 3-2 to win Game 7 and capture the crown.

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5:55 pm
Mon October 27, 2014

Numbers Say Royals Still Have A Chance

Kauffman Stadium was a dark place when the Royals lost Game 1. Fans hope for brighter times, and wins, for Games 6 and 7.
Credit Jeremy Bernfeld / KCUR

Down 3-2 to the Giants, you might think there’s no way the Royals end up winning the World Series. But you’d be wrong.

Sportswriter Neil Paine of FiveThirtyEight crunched the numbers and he puts the Royals’ chances of claiming the crown at about 30 percent – in 100 parallel universes, there are about 30 ways the Royals end up with the title.

“They’re still right in it and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they won the World Series, truth be told,” Paine said.

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8:51 pm
Tue October 21, 2014

'Epic' Ride for Royals Fans Withers At World Series Open

The opening line-up of Game One of the World Series at Kauffman Stadium with the Kansas City Royals going up against the San Francisco Giants.
Credit Kathleen Kunkler / KCUR

Kansas City welcomed back the World Series Tuesday with a deafening roar after a dream season, only to be disappointed as the San Francisco Giants beat the Royals 7-1.

What had been an electric open quickly fizzled into first-inning fear as the Giants leapt to a 3-0 lead they held onto for the rest of the night. As fans left Kauffman Stadium early, diehards asked them to stay and look at the Big Leagues big picture.

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7:40 am
Tue October 21, 2014

A New Generation Of Royals Fans Knows Only Winners

Brothers Andrew and Will Duke of Kansas City are part of a new passel of Royals fans young enough that they haven’t yet experienced disappointment at the hands of the team.
Credit Courtesy / Katie Duke

It has been a long wait, but 29 years after the Royals won the franchise’s only World Series title, Kansas City is once again the center of the baseball world.

The team faces off against the San Francisco Giants in Game One of the World Series Tuesday at Kauffman Stadium, just four wins away from bringing back the city’s second baseball championship.

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10:09 am
Mon October 20, 2014

Meet The Team Standing Between The Royals And A World Series Title

After winning the World Series in both 2010 and 2012, the Giants are looking for more even-year magic against the Royals.
Credit randychiu / Creative Commons

The A’s: beaten. The Angels: swept. The Orioles: taken care of.

The Royals have sliced through the competition in this year’s playoffs, leaving them American League champions and one of just two teams left standing.

The San Francisco Giants dispatched the Pirates, Nationals and Cardinals to win the National League pennant and reach the World Series. Now, the first team to win four games will be crowned World Champion.

Meet the team standing between the Royals and the team’s second World Series title:

Team: San Francisco Giants

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10:46 pm
Sun October 5, 2014

Royals Sweep Angels, Will Face Orioles In ALCS

The Kansas City Royals will play the Baltimore Orioles for the American League pennant.

The Kansas City Royals are just four wins away from the World Series after sweeping the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the American League Division Series.

The Royals beat the Angels 8-3 Sunday night in Kansas City, giving them the 3-0 series win.

Royals left-fielder Alex Gordon, first-baseman Eric Hosmer and starting pitcher James Shields played the heroes in the series-clinching game. Gordon drove in three crucial runs in the bottom half of the first inning after the Angels took an early lead. Hosmer cemented the lead with a two-run homerun in the third inning.

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8:25 am
Tue September 9, 2014

Monsanto Set To Settle GMO Wheat Cases

Genetically modified wheat has never been approved for farming, so nearly all of the wheat grown in the U.S. is a conventional variety.
Credit Lauren Tucker / Flickr--CC

Monsanto has agreed to settle some of the lawsuits brought by U.S. farmers who allege they lost money when an Oregon field was discovered to have been contaminated with an experimental genetically modified strain of wheat.

Most of the corn and soybeans grown in the United States is genetically modified, but GMO wheat has never been approved for farming.

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12:15 pm
Wed September 3, 2014

U.S. Wheat Farmers Could Make Money As A Result Of Fighting In Ukraine

Farmers in Ukraine produced more than 22 million metric tons of wheat in the 2013-14 marketing year, to the U.S.’s nearly 58 million metric tons, according to USDA estimates.
Credit Valdemar Fishmen / Creative Commons

The ongoing turmoil in Ukraine could impact the world’s wheat supply and with reports that fighting is edging closer to a key Black Sea trading port, farmers and commodity brokers are paying attention.

  Pro-Russian rebels appear to be pushing closer to the Ukranian city of Mariupol, a strategic port city. As Ukraine is one of the world’s largest exporters of wheat, any disruption in the harvest or transport of the country’s wheat crop could put a kink in global supply lines and could raise grain prices across the world.

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Harvest Public Media
7:51 am
Wed August 20, 2014

My Farm Roots: Hard Work A Life Lesson

Thousands of miles, and years, away from his upbringing on a Kansas farm during the height of the Great Depression, Wilson O’Connell now lives in the Boston suburbs.
Credit Jeremy Bernfeld / Harvest Public Media

Every year on my birthday I know there’s a thin, flat package waiting for me to open. It’s wrapped with neat corner folds and held together perfectly with just three pieces of tape – nothing wasted.

I always knock on the front and hear the crisp, deep thud of a hardcover book. I know it’s a book. And I know who it’s from.

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Up to Date
10:52 am
Mon August 18, 2014

How To Identify A Depressed Teen--And What You Can Do To Help

Dr. Wes Crenshaw returns to discuss teen depression with guest host Jeremy Bernfeld.
Credit Ryan Melaugh / Flickr-CC

Young people experience complex emotions, and it can be hard to pick out which teens are at risk for depression and other mental issues. Some problems may just be natural growing pains, but some are not.

On Monday's Up to Date, we talk about what teen depression is-- and what it isn't-- and examine the broad range of strategies available to treat it.


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Harvest Public Media
10:36 am
Tue July 29, 2014

Voter Guide To Missouri’s ‘Right To Farm’ Measure

Constitutional Amendment No. 1 on the Aug. 5 ballot is focused on the agriculture industry, a cornerstone of the Missouri economy.

It has been called the “right to farm” amendment, because it would inscribe the importance of agriculture in the Missouri state Constitution.

Click here for more

Ballot language:

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2:14 pm
Mon July 14, 2014

18 Big Lobbyers That Influenced The Farm Bill

Hundreds of companies and outside groups lobbied the 2014 Farm Bill and related issues during the drafting process.
Credit Bigstock

Setting the course for almost a trillion dollars of government spending, the 2014 Farm Bill attracted hundreds of companies eager to find their slice of the pie.

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Harvest Public Media
12:24 pm
Thu June 12, 2014

Beef Sent To Kansas City Restaurant Recalled Due To Mad Cow Fear

Food safety regulators are recalling beef that could be tainted by parts of cattle nervous system that can carry mad cow disease and a Kansas City restaurant may be affected.

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6:45 am
Wed May 28, 2014

College Athletes Can’t Profit On Their Own Image, But The NCAA Can

College athletes like Jenny Pinkston, a former track standout at Olathe East High School and currently a heptathlete at Wichita State University, are barred by NCAA rules from profiting off of their own image or likeness.
Credit Jeremy Bernfeld / KCUR

The NCAA makes billions of dollars selling the rights to televise games and selling merchandise and jerseys. But a spate of court cases making their way through the judicial system could put those billions in jeopardy.

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4:18 pm
Wed May 14, 2014

National Agricultural Center & Hall Of Fame To Close For Season

The National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame is located in Bonner Springs, Kan.
Credit Wikimedia -- CC

 The National Agricultural Center & Hall of Fame, which is based in Bonner Springs, Kan., will be closing its doors.

The museum blames a tough economic climate for a decrease in donations and corporate support. The Ag Center, as it’s often known, says it plans to close for the rest of 2014 while it seeks more funding and charts a way forward.

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6:00 am
Tue May 6, 2014

National Geographic: 5 Steps To Feed The World

On the Vulgamore farm near Scott City, Kan., each combine can harvest up to 25 acres of wheat an hour — as well as provide real-time data on crop yields. Most of the food Americans eat is now produced on such large-scale, mechanized farms.
© George Steinmetz National Geographic

With the world’s population exploding, we’ll have many more mouths to feed in the near future. But agriculture already uses up tons of resources and land. So how can we grow more food and how can we limit its damage to the environment?

Jonathan Foley, director of the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota, wrote “A Five Step Plan to Feed the World,” in the May issue of National Geographic as an answer to those kinds of questions.

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Beyond Our Borders
11:09 am
Thu May 1, 2014

In Ivanhoe, Food Helping Neighborhood Rebuild

Terry Glenn re-stocks shelves at the Harvest Learning Center Market. The store is in the basement of the church where Glenn is pastor.
Credit Jeremy Bernfeld / KCUR

Terry Glenn’s neighborhood was hit hard by the recession, and it wasn’t booming before the rough times.

He saw houses crumble, get boarded up and left to rot. He saw neighbors moving away. And he worried that Ivanhoe, on Kansas City’s east side, was dying.

“We said, ‘We’ve got to look inside of this and see exactly what the problem is,’” Glenn said. “And once we did, we found out that the families were moving to try to find better schools, find healthier food, find different places that their family can go and have a good community.”

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Harvest Public Media
7:55 am
Tue April 29, 2014

Kansas City Church Brings Local Food To Neighborhood Without Access

Local farmers want to find customers outside of the usual farmers’ markets and farm stands. At the Harvest Learning Center Market, local food purchased with food stamp benefits are matched with grant-funding.
Jeremy Bernfeld Harvest Public Media

Farm stands and farmers markets remain really important for many local farmers, but U.S. consumers barely buy any food directly from farms. That’s why local farmers are trying to crack in to the big institutional markets such as grocery stores, work cafeterias, schools and hospitals.

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Harvest Public Media
9:37 am
Thu April 24, 2014

Vermont Set To Be The First State To Require GMO Labeling

Protesters in Denver rallied last summer at the state capitol, asking legislators to act on a GMO labeling rule.
Credit Luke Runyon / Harvest Public Media

Vermont is poised to become the first state to enact mandatory labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms.

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin said Wednesday he plans to sign a bill passed by Vermont lawmakers that would require foods containing genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, to be labeled as having been produced with “genetic engineering.”  

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Central Standard
1:01 pm
Wed March 5, 2014

Sporting KC: An Entertainment Business

Credit Wikimedia / Creative Commons

Sporting KC kicked off its 2014 season with a 1-0 loss to Seattle Sounders FC on March 8.

On today's Central Standard we discuss the entertainment aspect of a franchise that has become a business model for soccer clubs across the country.


  • Jake Reid, chief revenue officer for Sporting KC
  • Thad Bell, managing editor for The Daily Wiz
  • Sean Dane, leader of the KC Cauldron
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Central Standard
1:00 pm
Wed March 5, 2014

Egg Wars: California Versus Missouri

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster along with five other attorneys general have filed a lawsuit against the State of California for its regulations regarding cage sizes for chickens.

The original legislature, Proposition 2, was passed in 2008, which required cages to be nearly twice as large as most standard chicken cages. The follow up law requires all eggs sold in California to comply to these same conditions.

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Harvest Public Media
9:57 am
Wed March 5, 2014

Ag Data Could Generate Prescriptions For Fields

A couple of seeds, some fertilizer, a little sunshine – just add water and you’re ready to harvest your crops, right?

Farming, as you might imagine, is a lot more complicated than that. And that’s why information – data – is the next frontier for farming, which you may have already seen.

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Central Standard
4:01 pm
Tue February 25, 2014

The Business Of Meat In America

This country's meat industry no longer includes the picturesque red barn and white picket fences. Instead, the meat we buy at the supermarket is likely processed by one of the four large meat packing companies that controls the majority of the industry.

On today's Central Standard, journalist and author Christopher Leonard discusses his book "The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover of America's Food Business." Also, Mark Dopp of the American Meat Institute weighs in on what he perceives as the benefits of having a more centralized system.

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Central Standard
4:00 pm
Tue February 25, 2014

On Death Row: Missouri Inmate Michael Taylor Scheduled To Be Executed

Missouri inmate Michael Taylor is scheduled to be executed just after midnight on Wednesday. Pentobarbital from an unnamed compounding pharmacy will be used.

Taylor's attorneys are concerned that the drug may cause his client unnecessary suffering because the anonymous pharmacy cannot be checked for legitimacy and any previous violations. By law, compounding pharmacies that supply lethal injection formulas in Missouri are allowed to remain anonymous.

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